What services do you offer?

We furnish and erect pre-engineered metal building systems (all erection is done by our own crews!). We provide insulation, walkthrough doors, overhead doors, fans, louvers, wall lights, and roof curbs. We have experience building and installing a variety of hangar doors including bi-fold, hydraulic, and stack. Our building will come with stamped, engineered drawings.

In certain unique circumstances, we will pour concrete, but generally speaking slab and foundation work is by others. We do not perform general contracting work, so all other trades (mechanichal, electrical, plumbing, drywall, etc) is by others.

What areas do you serve?

We have travelled as far as Ohio in the past, but generally speaking we serve about fourteen counties in west central Alabama and bordering counties in MS.  Historically speaking, the bulk of our work is performed in Tuscaloosa, Jasper, and Birmingham (and all areas in between!).  Please contact us to see if we can be competitive in your area.

What are my options for width, length, and height of building?

We customize each building that we sell based on customer needs to the 1/8th of an inch; we do not sell kit buildings that have predetermined dimensions. So your options are unlimited! That being said, some building sizes may be more economical than others, but don’t worry, we will be sure to advise you if we see an opportunity for cost savings.

What insulation options do i have?

We can install insulation values up to R30, however values this high have an associated costs. A majority of the buildings that we sell include three (R11) or four inch (R13) insulation in the walls, and three or six inch (R19) roof insulation. When utilizing six inch roof insulation, we recommend a standing seam roof with a tall clip. But don’t worry, we will review all of these options with you.

What are my color options?

We offer three finishes on our panels:  siliconized polyester that comes with a twenty year finish warranty, and a KYNAR finish that comes with a thirty year finish warranty. We also offer a galvalume finish, which is more economical than a paint finish and is used on most of our low sloped roofs. We will provide you a color chart for the finish you choose– SP finish comes in fourteen colors (view chart), KYNAR comes in eleven colors (view chart).

Primary and secondary steel are shop primed either red or gray.

How long will it take for my building to be delivered?

Each building design is unique, so times will vary. In recent years, delivery times have grown and have been variable. But speaking in general terms, after order entry engineered drawings will be available in eight – tent weeks. Your building should deliver in twenty-two to twenty-four weeks after order entry. Please contact us for more accurate information on your project.

I need a 20 x 20 for my house – can you help me?

In most situations, you can find more economical building solutions for smaller projects like carports. We do build component buildings, but these are usually associated with a larger project (example:  stick building a lean-to for an AC compressor).