About Harpole Steel Buildings

“I talked to Mr. Bennet, and he told me that if I was going to build a metal building that I needed to call you.”

The most important question that can be asked of any product review is as simple as “Would you refer this product to a friend?”; no other question is as telling to the overall product experience.  That’s why we take such pride in having conversations like the one above.  We know that if a customer refers us, or purchases from us again, that we delivered a quality product that met or exceeded customer expectations.

At Harpole Steel Buildings, we strive to meet customer demands in a timely and economic way.  We meet with each client to determine their specific need and develop a solution to meet those needs.  Our ability to furnish and erect pre-engineered metal building systems eliminates the need to purchase a building from a supplier and hire a separate contractor to erect the building.  Our experience – more than fifty years in the industry – is a powerful resource to meet needs both in design and in the field.

Our greatest asset, however, is our satisfied customer base.

Please contact us so that we can design a custom solution for you.